The Great Return to Bookbinding

So…I recently got a new book press and have been trying to reteach myself how to bind books. It’s been years since I last made any, so this proved a bit challenging. But I do like the pretty paper I got for my first book, so might as well show off the step-by-step progress.

Step 1: spend way too much on paper
Step 2: fold some paper into signatures, regret not buying anything fancier than normal printer paper.
Step 3: sew those signatures together, realize you failed to punch the holes in the right spots halfway through.
Step 4: trim the book block edges, glue everything together and press for a bit so it’s nice and flat and bookish.
Step 5: take a tea and cupcake break after struggling to cut book board for the covers.
Step 6: attach the cover very very carefully
Step 6: decorate, press until glue dries, and admire the pretty book while ignoring the crooked spine.

It didn’t turn out quite as good as I might have hoped, but hey, that means I get to keep it for myself.

I am scheming a few science-themed books for future creations. Something virus-themed for sure, and I’d really like to decide on a creative way to put a stratigraphic column on a book.

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