Welcome to the new experiment.

It looks cavernous and unfamiliar at the moment, but time and words will wear all the newness away. I hope to fill the space with all things selcouth – the strange, the marvelous, the extraordinary and the extra-ordinary.

Why am I doing this? A few possibilities:

  • I want a place for all my words/projects/experiences to come home to, so when you read one poem, you know where to go to find its siblings
  • I want an excuse to write about monsters at great length
  • I need incentive to actually write anything at all, and a plan and a schedule and an audience are good for that
  • I have an insatiable desire to Teach People Things, and an interest in science communication and now I have a platform from which to explore that from time to time
  • I just need to complain to the void once in a while

What to expect:

Right now my goal is to just write something once a week. I’m hoping to build up more content over time and be able to post something two or three times a week. Posts may include any of the following:

  • Book recommendations (especially books that go together! I love putting together thematic pairings of interesting media!)
  • Ramblings about adventures in science, both the exciting bits and the occasional overwhelming despair. It’s mildly cathartic for me and possibly entertaining for you.
  • Essays about monsters
  • Breakdowns of interesting science papers I read because people are constantly discovering cool stuff and I just want everyone to know!
  • Poetry
  • Pictures of interesting bits of nature encountered while out and about

Basically, anything and everything is fair game. If you’re here for the monsters but not the science, or vice versa, don’t fret, there will be tags. Feel free to navigate to the category of your choosing.

Thanks for joining me on this experiment in getting more writing done!

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